Access to the rooms, departure and arrival :

The hotelier has the freedom not to receive guests whose dress is indecent and neglected, and whose behavior is noisy, improper, alcoholic, contrary to morality and public order.

Any person wishing to stay at the Hotel is required to disclose his or her identity and age and that of the persons accompanying him or her. Guests may not bring into the room third parties not known to the hotelier (Ordinance of the Prefect of Police of October 28, 1936 modified by the Ordinance Art. 9 of February 1, 1940), unless authorized by the latter. Likewise, the guest may not occupy a room for a number of persons greater than that provided for by the regulations in force.

In the event of failure to comply with these regulations, the hotel reserves the right to charge the responsible guest the cost of the room corresponding to the number of excess persons, with or without the presence of the guest, at the rates in effect at the time of the violation of the internal regulations. The hotel will charge the indelicate guest's credit card.

Upon arrival, unless the hotel manager agrees, the client cannot demand to occupy the room before 3:00 pm. The nightly rental period ends at 12:00 noon regardless of the client's arrival time.

A luggage service allows the customer to entrust their luggage to the hotel reception desk in exchange for a ticket. The hotel declines all responsibility in case of theft or damage to its property.

A bank imprint will be requested by the establishment upon reservation or upon arrival, if applicable, of a minimum of one night (5 nights for stays of 5 nights or more).

At the time of his departure, the customer must give the key of his room to the reception. It is forbidden to take any object belonging to the hotel: he must inform the hotel owner if he notices any mistake and return it, otherwise he will be charged. The room key is a key that the guest may keep with him/her. However, he must not give it to a third person and must be returned on the day of departure.

In the event of non-return, the hotel will charge €25 and will charge the amount to the guest's credit card.

Children and extra beds :

Children are under the full responsibility of the customer. It is forbidden to leave them unattended in the room.

At the request of the guest the hotel can provide a baby cot, subject to availability and can only be installed in superior rooms.

One child up to 3 years stays free of charge when using existing bedding.

The maximum number of cribs in the room is 1.

Children and adults over 3 years old are not permitted to use this bedding. The customer must ask the hotel for the use of another room, which will be charged at the rate indicated on the official website.

The supply of an extra bed is subject to availability.

The maximum number of cots in the room is 1.

Supplements are not automatically calculated in the total amount of the reservation on the site and must be paid separately directly with the establishment.

Pets :

Pets are not allowed in the hotel.

Guide dogs and assistance dogs are admitted free of charge with the prior agreement of the hotel owner. Pets are under the sole responsibility of their master. It is not allowed to leave pets alone in the room.

Group :

A reservation is considered as a group from 4 rooms reserved. Special conditions will be applied.

Responsibility :

The non-observance of the rules, the rules of safety, hygiene, and the degradations or negligence which could involve direct or indirect damage on the material, the people or the services to come, engage your responsibility and will be invoiced. You are responsible for your physical conditions of access and we decline all responsibility, in the case of effects consecutive to the services.

Respect of the premises: rules of hygiene and security :

A decent attitude marked by restraint and discretion is required in order to respect the serenity of the place.

It is forbidden to bring in glass objects, illegal substances, and to smoke.

Any breach of health and safety regulations will result in the eviction without notice of any person whose behavior would be contrary to these rules.

Damage and nuisance :

The customer must use the rented room while respecting the integrity of the premises.

The rooms made available to our guests are checked, functional and in good condition. Our guests are invited to report any shortcomings immediately to the hotel reception.

In the event of a problem, the client will be held responsible. In case of damage, the hotel reserves the right to charge the customer the cost of repair or replacement. The same applies to any infraction noted after the customer's departure, the amount of compensation will be debited to the customer's card.

In the event of voluntary or involuntary damage to materials, objects or furniture belonging to the hotel, the hotel may demand full reimbursement with a penalty and damages of between €1000 and €2000.

The hotel can demand in case of flooding or water damage, voluntary or involuntary, the full reimbursement of the damage caused. In case of damage to other rooms, the reimbursement of the nights of other guests will be required.

The hotel may charge a cleaning fee if the room is left in a condition that will be deemed unsuitable. In case of damage to carpeting, bedding, bed base, the hotel will require reimbursement of the damage with a minimum charge of 1000€ for repair and for the inability to re-let the rooms.

In general, the client will have to pay the damages caused directly to the hotel. He/she can call upon his/her insurance (if he/she wishes to be reimbursed) for any voluntary or involuntary damage that he/she will cause during his/her stay.

All our rooms are non-smoking. The hotel reserves the right to claim the amount of one night's stay for additional cleaning costs from guests who smoke in their rooms. If the guest wishes to continue smoking inside or outside the indicated areas, they will be asked to leave the hotel.

In the event of non-compliance with the hotel's internal regulations, the guest will be asked to leave the hotel without being able to claim any refund. The hotel reserves the right to charge the amount of the consumptions not declared at the time of departure as well as any damage in the room. This amount will be deducted from the credit card imprint provided upon reservation. The hotel is under no obligation to notify the guest but can provide an invoice upon request.

Guests are not allowed to nail anything to the walls or move any furniture.

Disturbance, even during the day, is prohibited. Guests causing disorder or scandal in any form will be asked to leave the hotel immediately and without refund. In the interest of the tranquility of the establishment, all noise must cease between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am. For the respect and rest of the other guests, please be careful not to slam the doors or make too much noise especially between 22H00 and 8H00. Any neighborhood noise related to the behavior of a person or an animal under the responsibility of the customer, may lead the hotel to invite the latter to leave the establishment without the need to take acoustic measures, as long as the noise generated is likely to affect the peace and quiet of the customers (art. R.1334-30 and R; 1334-31 of the Public Health Code). Any inappropriate noise will be reported to the police if necessary.

A hotel room is a place to rest. Any business is strictly forbidden.


For safety reasons and for everyone's respect, it is strictly forbidden to smoke and/or vape in the rooms (even open windows) and the common areas of the hotel.

Smoking within the premises of the establishment exposes you to a fixed fine of €68 or to legal proceedings:

– Decree No. 2017-633 of April 25, 2017 relating to the conditions of application of the ban on vaping in certain places for collective use.

– Decree No. 2006-1386 of November 15, 2006 setting the conditions for applying the ban on smoking in places designated for collective use.

Non-compliance with the smoking ban: if we notice tobacco odors in your room after your departure, we will be unable to re-let it for the following night.

Thus, in addition to the fixed fine of €68, smoking or vaping in the rooms, even with the window open, will result in the billing of an additional night.

In addition, the use of an electronic cigarette or a hookah may unexpectedly trigger the fire alarm (the smoke detectors installed in the rooms are very sensitive), which will automatically lead to the evacuation of all guests from the room. hotel.

Any untimely triggering of the fire alarm for non-compliance with this provision will be charged €150 for the cost of putting the fire safety system back into service.

Likewise, it is forbidden to cook in the rooms, to take meals or to bring drinks not provided by the hotel, as well as to do laundry in the rooms.

Claim :

Any complaint about the quality of the services provided must be presented to the hotelier immediately.

Safe :

Identity papers and precious objects (watch, jewelry, means of payment, etc...) can be placed in the safe provided for this purpose. In addition, it is his responsibility to check that the safe is properly locked once the personal code has been entered.

Forgotten items :

If the customer forgot something, he could ask for its return by parcel. It will be done obligatorily with a follow-up and insurance for the objects of value. The shipment will be carried out after the customer has paid the shipping costs.

Fraud :

Leaving without paying is an offence characterized by the following facts:

- Knowing one's inability to pay or being deliberately determined not to pay.

- While pretending to be willing to pay.

This fraud is punishable by 6 months imprisonment and a fine of €7,500 in addition to damages.

Acceptance of the rules of procedure :

The hotel rules and regulations apply to all reservations. Any stay implies acceptance of the special conditions and the hotel's internal rules. Failure to comply with the above provisions will result in the immediate termination of the contract and financial penalties will be applied. In the event of non-compliance with the hotel's internal regulations, the customer will be asked to leave the hotel without being able to demand any reimbursement.